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From 0 to $1000 on Upwork

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You buy $100 worth of Upwork credits to give it a good shot. You send two dozen proposals. Aaaaaand.


You don’t get any views. You don’t get any messages. Most people ghost you after a message or two.

You feel discouraged. You feel like you wasted your credits, your money, and your time. You think it just doesn’t work and maybe those people saying it’s a race to the bottom, that clients are cheap or that it’s over-saturated are right.

You need to learn the rules of the game

It’s just the method that you are using that’s not working. Upwork is a platform with its rules. They actually make it way easier for you than if you were using, let’s say, LinkedIn. But like any game, you need to learn the rules, practice and figure out the strategy.

1 hour to learn how to get $1000 on Upwork

This course will give you a head start by sharing with you what I learned reaching Top Rated twice and helping dozens get there. I’ll share the principles I learned managing clients in a previous agency with 6-figure contracts and how you can apply that to your Upwork strategy. You’ll learn how I managed to constantly secure bigger contracts on Upwork and raise my rate to $70/hour. 

Get the experience of someone who did it multiple times

I’ve been where you are. I came back to Upwork after two years and had to work my way back up to a Top-Rated status. I had to go through the review game all over again. But this time, I surpassed my previous status and got Expert-Vetted, putting my profile in the top 1% of profiles on the platform. 

What we’ll cover

Here is what we’ll cover in the course:

  1. How to get your first reviews - 0:00
  2. Benefits of the Top-Rated Status - 13:30
  3. Refining your search to get gigs that’ll get you to $1000 - 14:38
  4. How to write proposals and the expected conversion rate - 25:47
  5. How to pitch yourself to clients - 32:00
  6. How to have an awesome onboarding - 35:26
  7. How to get 100% client satisfaction and reviews - 38:22
  8. Rules to raising your rates - 47:59
  9. Maintaining a full pipeline - 53:48

Who would benefit from the course?

It’s for you if:

  • You have a couple of years of experience
  • You have an in-demand skill
  • You see Upwork credits as an expense and investment in your business
  • You’re willing to send 4-5 proposals per day

Not for you if:

  • You’re a virtual assistant or a general writer
  • You’re not ready to focus on one skill only
  • You want to write for people without experience and a specific niche
  • You want to blame the market or the recession for your lack of results
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Last updated Feb 21, 2024

Learn how to get $1000 and a Top-Rated profile from a guy who did it twice

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From 0 to $1000 on Upwork

20 ratings
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